Data Loss Prevention Software

Prevent Employees and Malicious Insiders from Stealing Sensitive Data

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Endpoint-Based Data Loss Prevention Solution

Block or report on sensitive data leakage via email, web forms, email attachments, removable media, USB devices (currently unsupported in Windows); as well as data saved on local drives (even remote laptops). Global policies work whether the endpoint is on or off the corporate network. Ideal for distributed and remote staff. Policies can be easily customized.
InterGuard is Citrix ready.

How is InterGuard Different?

Works On and Off Network

Deployed at the endpoint, InterGuard works whether your employees on their computers from the office or from home.

  • No network or appliance required
  • Ideal for remote employees
Data Loss Prevention

DLP Features include:

  • Data in Motion – Email

  • Data at Rest

  • Customizable Policies

  • Data in Motion – USB*

  • Real Time Notifications

  • Works On & Off Network

  • *Currently not supported in Windows 10

How Does it Work?

Our Cloud or Yours

Our Cloud

Simply download licenses remotely over your network to work stations using our NetDeploy tool, which integrates with your Active Directory. Leverage our cloud infrastructure to make settings and view reports. No need to buy or setup any hardware.

Your Cloud

Want to host your own data? As long as you have SQL Server (Standard or Enterprise) and an existing Windows Server (2012, 2014, 2016 or 2017) then we will provide you with an installer that creates a database instance for InterGuard. No need to buy any additional hardware.


Full Compatibility

InterGuard is compatible with the following devices and operating systems (both 32 and 64 bit)

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