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Monitor All Devices from One Interface

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Monitoring Remote Employees

Improve Productivity & Data Security

Usage of employee monitoring software on company-provided devices — including laptops, cellphones, tablets and chromebooks — is becoming a commonplace business practice as more and more organizations embrace the trend of allowing their workforce the flexibility to work from home, either as a full-time remote employee or as an office worker who sometimes works from home.

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Remote Work is on the Rise

Employee Investigations Software

Monitor, Record & Review All Onscreen Activity

Get the Evidence You Need. Start today. Every Investigation is Unique. Get Full Visibility and Evidence for Every Use Case.

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web filtering software that boosts productivity

Track Employee Productivity

Cloud-Based Employee Productivity Tracking

You’re paying your employees for the time they spend at work, and when employees get distracted during work hours, you end up paying them to browse social media and take care of personal tasks. Can an employee productivity tracking tool help cut out the distractions and raise productivity levels to where they belong?

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employee internet monitoring

Insider Threat Detection & Protection

One Platform. Three Layers of Security.

A system of insight, control and action. Know what your insiders are doing. Proactively prevent high risk access. React faster and more intelligently.

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Insider Threat Data Theft


Finance. Healthcare. Government. Education. Law Enforcement

Maintain compliance. Secure patient data. Mitigate the risk of user behavior. Monitor and control student device activity. Monitor and control probation and parole agencies.

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Employee Monitoring Software for Remote Workers
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