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With an improved user interface and a gamut of employee productivity monitoring features, InterGuard converts data into useful insights and has a host of proactive alerts for larger businesses, especially those now focused on managing a remote workforce.

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Monitor Employee Online Activity, Web Visits and Search History

InterGuard Employee Internet Usage Monitoring software answers the question, "Are my employees working hard or hardly working?"

Easy-to-Use Employee Web Activity Monitoring Software

You don't have to be an IT pro to set up and start monitoring employee internet usage with InterGuard's Employee Monitoring software. Just install the software on the device you want to monitor and InterGuard starts automatically start capturing important details about everything employees are doing online while they should be working.
  • URL

  • Domain

  • Time Spent on Page

  • Website Category

  • Search Term

  • Flagged Policy Violations

  • Alert Word on Page

  • Time Stamp


Not Just Data: Gain Real Insight into Employee Internet Usage

InterGuard Employee Monitoring software goes beyond just capturing logs and logs of employee internet usage data. We make it easy for you quickly understand valuable insights from your monitored employee web usage activities.

Multiple Ways to Sort

We collect the data, you decide how to sort it. View all employee internet activity logs by date, device, user, website, window title, URL, website category, active time, alert word viewed on page, flag and search term.
Internet Usage Monitoring

Keyword Alerts with Screenshots

Use the Alert Word Wizard to select as many keywords as you want, and InterGuard will automatically capture a screenshot any time that keyword is viewed or typed on any webpage. This alert feature is important to protect your business against web-based threats, insider threats, inappropriate office behavior and more. Consider setting up alerts for keywords such as "xxx", "override employee monitoring software", "install file-sharing",etc. Investigate the flagged alert word in context with a screenshot of the open browser and other activity details.
Internet Usage Monitoring

Powerful Search

Great for investigations, InterGuard's, powerful search engine lets you easy locate any logged web activity with specified conditions such as time/date, user, url, domain, device, flag, etc.
search view


InterGuard Employee Monitoring Report Wizard makes creating reports easy. Customize scheduled or ad-hoc reports to deliver the detailed employee internet usage activity information that matters most to your organization. Examples include:
  • Risky Websites Visited
  • Total Visits by Website Category (i.e. gaming, adult)
  • Any Web Search Containing Specific Word or Phrase (i.e. "resignation letter", "override web filter"
Internet Usage Monitoring

Bird's Eye View

The Chart View is a dashboard that gives you a high-level view of the internet usage activities within your organization. Choose from over 50 different charts to create a online activity and search history snapshot view that best suits your organization, such as:
  • Potentially Dangerous Websites Visited
  • Total Websites Visited Trend
  • Top Websites Visited by Active Time
chart view

User Behavior Anomaly Detection

Deviation from normal employee web activity may indicate a potential problem. Employee internet usage monitoring software notifies you on anomalous behavior and provides you with detailed contextual information so you can decide if the unusual activity is legitimate. We'll tell you what the norm is, and then you can choose to be notified either of behaviors that deviate by percentage or by absolute number above or below the norm.
Internet Usage Monitoring
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