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Employee Time Tracker

Simplify Employee Time Tracking with InterGuard

InterGuard is a lightweight app that you install on your employee's endpoint device, such as PC, Mac, mobile phone, tablet or virtual server. From the moment it's installed, it begins tracking employee work time and gives you powerful reports and stats on how they spend their time.

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Video Playback & Screenshots

Alert Word · Continuous · Smart Camera

Notwithstanding all of the other data types recorded by InterGuard, there is none so powerful and telling as screenshots. They are undeniable and provide you with the necessary context to evaluate specific concerns.

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Using Employee Monitoring Software to Spear-Phishing

Real-Time Alerts

Smart Alert System with Task Manager

InterGuard not only sends you an instant, automatic email alert when a pre-defined activity occurs, we also make it easy for you to act on those alerts.

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Email Monitoring

Cloud-Based Email Monitoring Software

Monitor employee email of your remote and in-office staff in Outlook · MS Exchange · Gmail · Apple Mail · Hotmail · Office 365 · LinkedIn InMail.

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Internet Usage Monitoring

See Web Browsing & Search Activity

InterGuard Employee Internet Usage Monitoring software answers the question, "Are my employees working hard or hardly working?"

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File Activity Monitoring

Track File Activity & Prevent Insider Data Leaks

You can easily monitor and track all file activity events carried out by your employees, such as copying, deleting, editing, uploading, emailing and printing of your sensitive documents. InterGuard Employee Monitoring Software includes easy-to-understand insight into the activity, real-time alerts of suspicious access, and the ability to block access to select files and folders and from select users.

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Employee Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring

Keep Social Media Distractions to a Minimum

One of the many uses of InterGuard Employee Monitoring Software is how easily it allows businesses to monitor their employee's use of social media during work hours. Employee social media monitoring software helps you create a fair, productive professional environment where each employee is accountable for carrying their own workload.

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Keylogger Software

Protect Sensitive Data & Detect Insider Threats

Keylogging is a necessary tool for a company to protect its sensitive data and maintain a safe, professional work environment for its employees. Installed as a piece of software running silently in the background of an employee's PC or Mac, a keylogger captures any keystrokes typed in any application.

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