An InterGuard Case Study

Monitor Employees Working from Home

Law Firm Solves Remote Work Concerns with InterGuard

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A medium-sized litigation firm based in Texas has a staff of 200 including both lawyers and support personnel. Pre Covid, they worked in three offices located in Dallas, Houston and Austin. Each office was managed by a Senior partner with P&L responsibility.

With the advent of Covid, all the employees were told to work from home. Everyone was given a laptop, a VPN connection and a Voip phone. Everyone was now ready to work from home.

Business Challenges

Pre Covid, each Senior Partner carefully managed their office P&L. They would walk around the office a few times per day and see what time the staff arrived and left as well as confirm everyone was focused on work. As a business whose revenue is based exclusively on hourly billing, employee attendance and productivity are the key to success.

Unfortunately, Covid interrupted the “management by walking around” method used to manage and motivate the staff. Accordingly, they went looking for a software solution that would allow them to regain the visibility they lost with all staff working from home.

Success Factors

After exploring and testing several solutions, concluded that they solution to have the following features:

  • Easy to deploy now that the staff was remote
  • Compatible with both PCs and virtual desktop
  • An intuitive dashboard that quickly details employee work metrics, including:
    • Start and end time based on login/logout
    • Active time vs. idle time
    • Productivity (use of work related programs such a Outlook, Word, MS Teams, Adobe, Excel, etc.)
  • Automated Reports and Notifications that email key data to managers so they don’t have to log in to the User Interface
  • Provide flexibility to only record employee activity during work hours so as to allow for privacy

The Solution: InterGuard

InterGuard records all PC activity and then sends this data through several “Intelligence Filters” so as to turn it into Information. Recording all the data is a great start but it is very difficult to extract value without a thoughtful approach to organization and presentation. Accordingly, InterGuard does the work so you don’t have to search for all “the needles in the haystack”.

InterGuard turns all this data into information for you through its Dashboard, which includes 6 different views. Each view provides a different lens of all this recorded data that is organized for the different constituencies inside your organization.

Feature SpotLight on User View

This is the primary view used by Managers and HR to confirm employee attendance and productivity. In one quick view, you can see:

  1. Who is currently logged in
  2. Log in/out times including screen-locks/unlocks
  3. Idle vs. active time
  4. Detailed timeline of all programs and websites used including active time
  5. Screenshots of PC activity.
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