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Employee Monitoring: Report, Alert and Control Employee Activity

InterGuard’s employee monitoring software can track exactly what your employees are doing on their computers. You can easily search recorded data to view logs and screenshots of employee activities.
What use case best describes your company's employee monitoring needs?

What User Activities Can You Monitor with InterGuard Software?

You don't have to be an IT pro to set up and start monitoring employee activity with InterGuard's Employee Monitoring software. Just install the software on the PC or Mac desktop or laptop that you want to monitor and InterGuard starts monitoring employee activity immediately.

Social Media
File Tracking
Instant Messages

Website History
Program Use

Idle & Active Time
Print Tracking

The Best Employee Monitoring Software Makes Insight Easy

Your Dashboard comes with 6 different views so you can quickly scan through and easily detect trends or issues. We collect lots of data and through our intelligence engine, turn data into information you can use. This way you won't have to constantly hunt and peck through the data to get useful information.

Move from reactive to proactive with your 6 view dashboard:

1st Tab: Chart View
Quickly Spot Your Best and Worst Employees:
Choose from over 60 pre-set charts to quickly detect trends or issues. By default, we’ve pre-selected Productivity charts but you can change them by clicking Add/Edit in top right corner. Spot interesting metrics fast, and if needed drill into the chart for a deeper dive.

2nd Tab: Alert Log
Easily Track and Respond to Issues
Alerts are generated by rules you create. Drill in to see more details, including screenshots. Close alerts or keep them open by changing the flag's color - and attach a note to the alert for future audits.

3rd Tab: User View
The Easiest Way to See How Each Team Member is Doing
The User View lets you quickly scroll through your team members – easily identifying outliers such as most active, least active and highest risk. Drill into any team member for a deeper dive, including screenshots.

4th Tab: Data View
All the Data, Easily Sortable.
On the Data View, you’ll find a log of all your recorded data. But again – we don’t want you spending time sifting through data in order to understand what’s going on. It’s easy for you to find things with multiple ways to sort and filter.

5th Tab: Reports & Notifications
Wizards Make it Easy
It’s easy to create any report or notification you need with a step-by-step wizard. Automatically send reports and notifications (daily, weekly or on-demand) to selected recipients by email , or download them right from this view.

6th Tab: Search View
Easily & Quickly Find Any Activity
Go to the Search View when you are looking for a specific activity – perhaps in the case of an investigation. This powerful keyword-based search will find a needle in your recorded data haystack.

What makes InterGuard Employee Monitoring Software Different?

No Network Required

InterGuard’s employee monitoring software is deployed on the endpoint, which means that its always being monitored even if an employee works remotely from home, from the office or spends part of the time on the road.

Employee Monitoring FAQ's

What is monitoring software?
Monitoring software is often used by employers to monitor employee PC activity. InterGuard is often used by employers to ensure employee productivity, protect sensitive company data, conduct employee investigations and maintain compliance with federal regulations.
Is it legal to monitor employee computers?
In the US, it is legal to monitor employee computers as long as they are company owned, or with written consent if they are owned by the employee. In a few states, employee consent is suggested unless the business purpose, such as an investigation, precludes notice. In the EU, there is recent case law that permits employee PC monitoring with a proper business purpose. InterGuard recommends that all clients provide a written policy of appropriate usage that must be signed or digitally acknowledged by each employee.
What is meant by employee monitoring?
Employee monitoring typically involves the use of surveillance software that is downloaded to the employee PC, Mac, virtual desktop or terminal server. With InterGuard, the software can either be downloaded remotely to all your devices over your network in coordination with your active directory or manually by going to each device and logging in to your online account.
What is employee monitoring and how is it used in business?
Employee monitoring is the act of supervising employee PC activity on company owned devices from a centrally managed console or user interface. InterGuard offers both a cloud based and a self hosted User Interface for clients with stringent security or compliance requirements. The employee monitoring software records all PC activity and then sends this data securely to the central user interface, whether the PC is on or off network.