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Employee Monitoring Software

Remote Monitoring of Computer Activity

InterGuard’s employee monitoring software lets you track all employees activity from any endpoint - even when they work from home. Monitoring employee computer activity helps you proactively identify which employees are being productive and how much time is spend idle or on non-work related tasks. Set up "suspicious behavior alerts" and get a remote view of the employee's desktop.

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Computer Monitoring Software

Employee Computer Monitoring for PC & Macs

InterGuard employee computer monitoring software with real-time screenshots of user activity. Remotely monitor your employee's computer to review productivity, active and idle time. Monitor all computer activity -- internet monitoring, applications and programs tracking, email monitoring, IM/Chat monitoring, file activity tracking and much more.

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Employee Cell Phone Monitoring

Monitor employee cell phone activity

Ensure employees use company Android and iPhones for business with InterGuard’s cell phone monitoring software. No Jailbreak or Rooting required to set up monitoring. View app usage, texts, web sites, web searches, call logs, GPS and more.

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Web Filtering

Block employee internet access

Monitor how much time employees waste online on non-work related web surfing. Block employee internet access to sites with inappropriate content.

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Endpoint Lockdown & Data Retrieval

Remote Incidence Response Software

Take full remote control of compromised endpoints. Files on a stolen or compromised computer are usually much more valuable than the machine itself. InterGuard lets you remotely access and lockdown lost, stolen or compromised PCs and Macs, then delete or retrieve any files or folders that you select. Additionally, real-time geolocation tracking offers tools to locate lost or stolen laptop.

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Data Loss Prevention Software

Endpoint-Based Data Loss Prevention Solution

Block or report on sensitive data leakage via email, cloud storage, web forms, email attachments, removable media, USB devices; as well as data saved on local drives (even remote laptops). Global policies work whether the endpoint is on or off the corporate network. Ideal for distributed and remote staff.

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Chromebook Activity Monitoring

View Screenshots, Web History & Alerts

See websites visits and search activity on any Chromebook. Know exactly what your students and employees are doing online

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