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Use of employee monitoring software on company-provided devices is becoming a commonplace business practice as more and more organizations embrace the trend of allowing their workforce the flexibility to work from home, either as a full-time remote employee or as an office worker who sometimes works from home.


There’s no playbook for remote work. Organizations must decide if keeping workers at home is right for them. Many companies began shifting to a work-from-home office years ago because there are many benefits to allowing employees to work remotely. Regardless of how the effects of the Coronavirus play out on the global workforce – remote work could be the new normal.


The new remote work-from-home trend comes with a new set of challenges that did not exist when employees worked exclusively from the office. Employees are drawn to telecommuting because of the flexibility it provides, allowing them to maintain a better work-life balance. But, working remotely doesn’t come without its fair share of problems.

With an improved user interface and a gamut of employee productivity monitoring features, InterGuard converts data into useful insights and has a host of proactive alerts for larger businesses, especially those now focused on managing a remote workforce.

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Remote Employee Monitoring Features

There are many different types of solutions to fit every need and budget. While considering if remote employee monitoring is right for you, first consider what types of activities you’d like to track.


The Benefits of Remote Employee Monitoring

Managers of businesses who deploy a remote employee monitoring software will often see a number of unexpected improvements, in addition to the expected benefits.

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The Challenges of Remote Employee Monitoring

Working from home does have its own set of challenges. There are legitimate reasons why it was not adopted on a more widespread basis.

Remote Employee Monitoring FAQ's

What is remote monitoring software?
Remote monitoring software is used by employers to monitor employee activity on company devices. InterGuard software is used to ensure employee productivity, protect sensitive company data, conduct employee investigations and maintain compliance with federal regulations.
How can I monitor employees the work remotely?
When employees work remote, InterGuard's employee monitoring software may be one of the most important tools for maintaining productivity and holding employees accountable for their time management. Some companies may require monitoring and remote time tracking as a contingency for telecommuting.
How do you monitor remote employees ?
With the remote workforce now going mainstream, monitoring computer activity might be the only solution to maintain accountability and keep managers aware of how company time is spent from those virtual workspaces. When the majority of your workforce telecommutes, using InterGuard's employee monitoring software you can keep a watchful eye on employee activity such as: -Logon/logoff data -Internet activity -Social media logins -Geolocation (are they really working from home?) -Screenshots
How do I know if my remote employee is working?
Work from home remote employee monitoring software doesn't just monitor when a worker begins working and when they stop. They can also monitor things like the apps that have been used and websites visited. Some workers may initially see this as an overreach, but these tools are about more than just making sure that your workers aren’t spending too much time on Facebook during working hours.

An InterGuard Case Study

Law Firm Solves Work-From-Home Concerns with InterGuard

The Best Remote Employee Monitoring Software Makes Insight Easy

Move from reactive to proactive!

See what remote employees are doing

user view
The User View lets you quickly scroll through your team members – easily identifying outliers such as most active, least active and highest risk. Drill into any team member for a deeper dive, including screenshots.


Alert View
Alerts are generated by rules you create. Drill in to see more details, including screenshots. Close alerts or keep them open by changing the flag's color - and attach a note to the alert for future audits.
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