Real-Time File Activity Monitoring

Protect Your Most Sensitive Files from Employee Misuse


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Track File Activity and Prevent Insider Data Leaks

InterGuard monitors all file activity events carried out by your employees, such as copying, deleting, editing, uploading, emailing and printing of your sensitive documents. InterGuard includes easy-to-understand insight into the activity, real-time alerts of suspicious access, and the ability to block access to select files and folders and from select users.

Intuitive, Easy-to-Use Employee File Tracking Software

To start monitoring employee file activity with InterGuard's Employee Monitoring software, simply install the software on the employee's device and InterGuard immediately starts capturing data which you can access in real-time from our intuitive, web-based management interface.




Created / Downloaded

Attached to Email

Uploaded to USB

Uploaded to Cloud


Monitoring File Activity Doesn't Have to Be Time-Consuming.

InterGuard Makes File Tracking Easy.

Increased mobility and remote working trends can make protecting sensitive documents seem overwhelming. InterGuard Employee Monitoring software makes it easy for you quickly and intuitively understand what's happening in your organization by offering a number of different, intuitive views to interpret your data.

Bird's Eye View

Need a quick snapshot of company file activity? The Chart View gives you interactive at-a-glance visual reports of everything that's happening with tracked files in your organization. For example:

  • Users with Highest File Access Policy Violations
  • Top Unproductive Websites Visited by Active Time

  • Powerful Filtering Capabilities

    We collect the data, you decide how to sort it. Exclude irrelevant data and focus only on what's meaningful to you. Sort file activity logs by flag, date, device, user, original file name, new file name (if relevant), file activity type and triggered alert keywords.

    Keyword Alerts with Screenshots

    Trigger automatic screen capture every time a user views or types a specific keyword. Get alerted in real-time when a keyword is triggered, so you can quickly view the screenshot and investigation a potential data leak via file transfer. Consider keywords such as "client list", "product release", and "confidential".

    File Activity Reports

    InterGuard's File Activity Report Wizard enables you to provide specified recipients with regular or ad-hoc email delivery of reports customized according to multiple criteria (e.g. file name, user, file action). Examples include:

    • Webmail Attachments Sent by User
    • Dropbox Uploads by User
    • Deleted Files by By User Per Day

    User Behavior Anomaly Detection

    Deviation from routine file activity may indicate a potential problem. InterGuard will notify you about changes in individual, team or organizational file activity behavior and provide you with detailed contextual information so you can decide if the unusual activity is legitimate. We'll tell you what the norm is, and then you can choose to be notified either of behaviors that deviate by percentage or by absolute number above or below the norm.