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Employee Productivity Monitoring

InterGuard Employee Monitoring software lets you record and track all your employee’s productivity – so you’ll know if they are working hard or hardly working.

  • Monitor Computer Activity
    Watch as work unfolds in real time with desktop screenshots & video playback.
  • Measure Productivity & Idle Time
    Get reports and alerts about how employees use their time, app and website usage.
  • Manage Remote Workers
    Monitor remote workers to ensure they stay on task. Trust, but verify.
Employee Monitoring

Protect against Insider Threats

Knowing who is accessing sensitive files or participating in risky activities, is good but it’s not enough. Preemptively block unwanted behaviors, and react in real-time to alerts.

  • Data Loss Prevention
    Restrict access to high-risk programs, websites, USB storage, and email attachments.
  • Risky Keyword & UAM Alerts
    Get alerted to suspicious activities whether triggered by keywords, policy violation attempt or anomalous behaviors.
  • Remote Incident Response
    Retrieve sensitive files, delete stolen assets or lock devices down completely.
Insider Threat Detection

Investigations & Compliance Audits

Whether proving regulatory compliance, conducting HR investigations or tracking down a suspected internal data breach, InterGuard presents user activity data in a clear, easy-to-understand format.

  • Internal Investigations
    Get the proof you need to respond to complaints of discrimination, wrongful termination, and sexual harassment quickly.
  • Satisfy the Auditor
    If you need to comply with regulations (e.g. HIPAA, PCI, CIPA), InterGuard collects the raw data you need, then lets you create detailed, meaningful reports.
  • Session Recordings and Screenshots
    Get the context you need by viewing the screenshots of suspicious activities carried out on the employee's desktop

Web Filtering & Website Blocking

Make sure your employees maintain a safe and proper balance between work-related online activities and time-wasting web surfing.

  • Advanced Reporting & Blocking
    Get detailed web and search activity. Advanced website blocking functionality includes blocking by whitelist, blacklist and category.
  • Control from the Cloud
    No appliance needed. InterGuard Web Filtering Software is an agent-based solution that gives you cloud-based control over your employee’s endpoint – even when they work from home.
  • User & Group Based Policies
    Create tailored role-based web access policies to ensure each employee has access to the sites they need to accomplish their tasks
Web Filtering

Employee Monitoring Software that Gives You More

InterGuard is the easiest and fastest way for you to monitor, control and respond to what employees do on their computers and phones

Employee Monitoring


Know what your employees are doing by recording all user activity on the endpoint – even when not connected to the network. All user activity is logged, analyzed and indexed for alerts, playback, audit trails and behavioral benchmarking.

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Data Loss Prevention

DLP Policy Control

Granular control over which users and applications may access confidential data and files, where they can send it and by which channels it can be sent. InterGuard scans data in motion and data at rest to detect DLP policy violations, then alerts and/or blocks DLP violations automatically.

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Web Filtering

Policy control

Secure your network and enhance employee productivity with enhanced internet content filtering. Our unique agent-based endpoint solution allows you to record and filter web activity, on or off network. Block porn, gambling, videos, social networks, shopping sites and other inappropriate content or applications.

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Incident Response

Interact with and take control of a user's PC or laptop in a potential breach situation. Remotely delete or retrieve files, geo-locate lost or stolen laptops, and even lockdown the laptop or the endpoint if necessary.

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