Interguard Success Story

Healthcare - Creating Trust With Hybrid Workers

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A large claims integrity company that serves the health insurance industry found that the pandemic dramatically shifted their workforce. In a highly sensitive industry that deals with financial, health and personal information, the company culture was highly structured and based on measurement and control. Managers were very concerned that their teams would be less compliant and less productive working from home.

Leadership teams needed a solution that would make managers feel more in control and eliminate blind spots caused by working from home:

  • Gain insight to prove that people could still be productive while working from home
  • Provide a fair picture of work across a hybrid work schedule where people had different time in the office
  • Provide the ability to investigate and dig deeper if there was every an issue with an employee

The company implemented Interguard in order to get insights about their hybrid workforce. They were able to push Interguard data into their data visualization software platform, build cases and provide reports. The company can now:

With Interguard, the HR staff was able to spot problems and reach out to correct them proactively - with data to prove their case. Individual managers felt more comfortable with hybrid work because they could monitor everyone fairly, and had reports that they could use to deal with productivity issues. Not only has Interguard helped the firm address problem workers, it allowed them to spot several inefficient practices and processes that affect team performance. With the right monitoring, the firm can get ahead of problems and improve overall efficiency.

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