Web Filtering &
Internet Activity Monitoring

Restrict internet access for increased security and productivity. Protect your organisation by filtering web access to malicious or inappropriate websites. InterGuard Web Filtering lets you easily see and control the websites your employees visit.

View Web Activity Company-Wide

Identify inappropriate web use and information security risks. InterGuard shows you how your employees are spending their time online. Whether in the office or working remotely, web monitoring and access blocking keeps employees safe and productive.

Increase Security & Productivity

Enterprise web content monitoring allows you to protect your network from malware and your employees from wasting time surfing unproductively. Prevent data breaches and web access policy violations with the best filtering and monitoring software.

Prevent Digital Vulnerabilities

Company data security could be compromised by inappropriate or unrestricted web usage. Employees visiting risky sites may allow viruses, malware or hackers to enter your network. Protect sensitive data by adding web blocking to all company devices.

Foster Professionalism & Focus

Better productivity doesn’t only affect a companies bottom line. When employees aren’t distracted by web surfing, internet gambling or online shopping, they perform better. Web filtering helps employees feel more efficient, focused and in control of their tasks.

What makes InterGuard Web Filtering Unique?

Works On and Off Network

Deployed at the endpoint, InterGuard works whether your employees on their computers from the office or from home.

  • No network or appliance required
  • Ideal for remote employees


Gain Visibility and Control Over The Following Web-Based Activities:


Start Filtering Web Content Today


Our Cloud or Yours

We Host

Simply download licenses remotely over your network to work stations using our NetDeploy tool, which integrates with your Active Directory. Leverage our cloud infrastructure to make settings and view reports. No need to buy or setup any hardware.

You Host

You may also decide to host your own web filtering data. To do so, you only need an SQL Server (Standard or Enterprise) and an existing Windows Server. We will provide you with an installer that creates a database instance for InterGuard.