Interguard Success Story

Law Firm HR Manager Monitoring Staff Productivity

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A manager approached the head of HR at a mid-sized law firm with several offices in and around New York with a problem. She had a suspicion that some of their administrative staff was taking advantage of working from home. After she saw one secretary share photos online of her time at the beach during office hours, she knew she needed more insights.

She wanted to be able to know:

  • If secretaries were actually at their computer during the day
  • How much time was being spent on work, rather than online shopping or social media
  • Which offices and teams were most and least productive

The HR team turned to Interguard employee monitoring software to provide more insights. Interguard has enabled the HR staff and individual managers of the large secretarial staff to gain insight and ensure their hybrid workforce is productive:

Reports for individual employees made it easy to see if people were spending time away from their desk or misusing their time at their computer.

With the ability to designate which employees are in which office, the HR staff could easily compare office productivity to identify problem locations.

The HR staff set up reporting for specific managers for their direct employees so that they could focus on the relevant information for their team.

Simplified dashboards provided an easy way to compare productivity between employees.

With Interguard, the HR staff was able to spot problems and reach out to correct them proactively - with data to prove their case. Individual managers felt more comfortable with hybrid work because they could monitor everyone fairly, and had reports that they could use to deal with productivity issues. Not only has Interguard helped the firm address problem workers, it allowed them to spot several inefficient practices and processes that affect team performance. With the right monitoring, the firm can get ahead of problems and improve overall efficiency.

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