Interguard Success Story

Education - Monitoring Staff and Students

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The head of HR at a large state university had a huge administrative staff that consisted of full time workers, hourly workers and student employees. The staff used university computers to do their jobs, and managers were having trouble knowing if they were focused on their work and adhering to university policies. Sensitive information about financial aid, admissions and mental health needed to be kept private, and all employees needed to be monitored to make sure they were accomplishing their jobs, and were not a risk to the university.

With some hourly and full time workers wanting to switch to hybrid work, there was also a concern that productivity could decrease and that employees could mishandle sensitive information. The head of HR needed a solution that could provide oversight and peace of mind for the following:

    To monitor all administrative staff to ensure productivity To have reporting to show if sensitive information was being accessed or used inappropriately To make sure everyone using university technology and property was following guidelines and expectations, including students using campus computers.

    The university implemented Interguard to gain oversight across all employees. Interguard gave the HR team as well as individual managers all of the insight they needed to identify unproductive workers and to monitor activity to keep information safe. Interguard provided:

The university also gained the ability to compare productivity across different teams and campus locations. The HR team was able to learn about how different teams were more productive and share best practices across the entire organization to lift overall productivity.

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