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Taking Internet Monitoring & Filtering to the Next Step

Personal and unproductive web surfing is costing companies millions of dollars in wasted time.

InterGuard is an enterprise-level client-based pc monitoring and internet filtering application designed to protect intellectual property, reduce internal threats, and assure compliance. Deployed directly onto the desktop of PCs in an organization, and not reliant whatsoever on a corporate network, InterGuard provides unparalleled end point security to both desktops and laptops.

85 % of organizations surveyed reported that they have had a data breach event:
More than 90% of breaches were in digital form.
Scott and Scott LLP and Ponemon institute LLC, May 15, 2007

To eliminate security risks in your organization, you must take a holistic approach to end point monitoring and internet filtering. Companies invest millions of dollars in systems to protect against external threats, but often do very little or nothing to protect against the larger problem - internal threats. While some internal threats are created maliciously, many are completely unintentional. Both present a large security hole that needs to be plugged.

From employees checking personal emails, instant messaging friends and family, playing computer games, and web surfing on sites like MySpace and YouTube, these unproductive activities are all a reality for every organization. The only surefire way to mitigate these threats is to ensure that you have desktop-level visibility into employees' activities. Having access to the employees' activities at the end point instead of at the network level provides organizations with the ability to control their communications, computer applications, and online activities - not just the information that flows over the network.

InterGuard Lets You:

InterGuard offers the most powerful all in one solution to understanding and controlling what happens behind the scenes.

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